About Us

Why grow 10% when you can grow 10X? Why walk when you can run?

The rules of business have changed today. Growing your business 10X is no longer a dream. Thanks to The New Economy, what took businesses decades to achieve can now be accomplished in record-breaking speed.

We believe that exponential mindset, emerging technologies and network effects can propel businesses for trajectory growth.

Through our Fastrack approach, we ready businesses for 10X growth, taking them from a "local, linear & lonely" business into a "global, exponential & community" business.


Who We Are

Owners Circle is a Business Transformation Specialist on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to Fastrack their business for exponential growth. We help companies achieve their potential through tried, tested and proven scale-up strategies, modeling the fastest growing 10X businesses in The New Economy.


Who We Serve


Entrepreneurs who are at a stagnant stage of their business

Entrepreneurs who are taking over a family business

Seasoned entrepreneurs who want to grow at unprecedented speed

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