Jonathan Quek

Jonathan Quek is a beloved educator on a personal mission to make a difference through education. As the Founder of Owners Circle, he was the pioneer of the Influence Investing movement, where he led over 300 people within the company’s private community to co-own purposeful businesses that are run by passionate business owners. The company was the angel investor behind incubated crowdfunded projects in F&B, hospitality and more. He was also the mastermind behind the Masterclass series of entrepreneur education programs, designed to help empower entrepreneurs to level up their businesses.

He briefly served as a blockchain advisor with the mission to innovate and accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology for real-world application. His role as a partner involves sourcing, analysis and approval of blockchain projects based on founding team, project idea and economic model. He leads the incubator and accelerator program; hosting workshops and seminars to propagate the blockchain community.

Prior to joining the digital currency landscape, Jonathan has established himself as a veteran in the innovative finance industry. He is the founder of, an industry leader in precious metals. He became the best-selling author of several books translated into various languages, most notably “Why Gold? Why Silver? Why Now?" and “Keep Investment Simple & Stupid”.

Jonathan was nominated as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs (MIYE) in Malaysia and has been featured in numerous media such as Bloomberg, The Edge, BFM, The Star, VTV4 and more. He has touched the lives of thousands, having spoken on international platforms in Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Korea.

Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Chou

Raymond Chou is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 20 years of entrepreneurship experience. He started his first business at the age of 21, marking the beginning of a lifetime of entrepreneurship. This drive and spirit has led Raymond to dabble in the world of trade, music, training, IT and events.

One of Raymond’s most notable successes is Infront Consulting Asia Pacific, which has flourished from a lean mean startup in Malaysia to an international company with presence across 6 countries, all accomplished within 5 years. Infront is also the only Malaysian IT company who has won back-to-back Microsoft Partner of The Year for the last 8 years.

Raymond’s personal accomplishments include a track record of winning back-to-back awards, notably the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award for a consecutive 11 years and Microsoft Regional Director award for a consecutive 2 years, the only person to have held both awards.

Over the years, Raymond has enjoyed many triumphs and an equal amount of setbacks. But more importantly, Raymond has learnt to bounce back every single time and emerge even more successful than before. This has fuelled his desire to create positive change in the personal and business growth of entrepreneurs. This also marked the beginning of his journey in Owners Circle, to ride on the Founder’s vision and execute it with his own experience and passion.

The journey of taking a business from good to great is not an overnight matter. It is Raymond’s commitment to ensuring that the Business Fastrack Blueprint will embody a structured approach to measure the progress and growth of each entrepreneur as they undergo a year-long transformational journey with Owners Circle.

Investment Analyst

Lee Teng Hau

Being an enthusiast in the area of investment and corporate finance, Teng Hau currently serves as an analyst and venture builder in the advisory department of Owners Circle.

As a venture builder, his role primary involves developing innovative financing option to empower entrepreneurs and SME business owners to Fastrack their business growth. Apart from that, he also works hand in hand with the entrepreneurs in their financial modelling, structure and valuation to ensure the companies could achieve the maximum result in their fundraising activities.

As an analyst, his role covers the area of project sourcing, due-diligence, market research and analyzing business across a wide range of industry to identify high growth potential companies for incubation and investment purposes of the company.

Prior to joining Owners Circle, he has had the experience to working and serving MNCs across Hong Kong, Japan and Malaysia where he has managed and handled multiple six-figures projects during those tenure. Some of the MNCs clients and company that he worked with before includes UNIQLO, Crystal Group, Bursa Malaysia, Kenanga Investment Bank and more.

Communications Strategist

Yahui Tan

Yahui is leading the marketing communications of Owners Circle. An accomplished digital marketer, she is the architect behind the strategic sales funnels and digital advertising campaigns on social media. She oversees the production of marketing communications down to the conceptualization of brand strategy.

Prior to joining Owners Circle, Yahui founded a publishing company offering editorial services for businesses. Eventually, she was appointed to join Owners Circle full-time after realizing her potential. Notable personal achievements include winning two much-coveted awards for a leading technology client.

Yahui is also the co-founder of a F&B business. Thanks to her marketing prowess, the cafe quickly gained traction and widespread media attention with over RM1.2 million in PR coverage within the first few months of operation.

In the early beginnings of her marketing career, she has generated over RM60 million worth of PR value for her portfolio of clients, ranging from top names in luxury, fashion and retail brands. Notable accomplishments in her career include the launch of Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) for Manulife Asset Management Berhad; the rebranding of Barbie for Mattel and the grand launch of KIX HD, an action movie channel carried by Celestial Tiger Entertainment Hong Kong.

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