If you’re an entrepreneur and business owner who is looking to create new demand for your product or services to scale your business

New Market Leader Masterclass Outline

12 proven frameworks to take your business from red ocean to the blue ocean

Landscape Analysis

Business owners will gain an overview of the current state of the market environment in the targeted industry with a simple picture, understanding the industry practices and the degree of competitive advantage and disadvantages across existing competitors. With this framework, business owners will learn how to conduct a competitor analysis and understand how customers make purchasing decisions.

Targeted strategies to discover from this framework: 5

Experience Customer Journey

Business owners will use this tool to identify the pain points their customers face and identify concrete solutions that remove these blocks to create new values. With this framework, business owners may discover the hidden value to create new business opportunities.

Targeted strategies to discover from this framework: 20 - 50

Analyze Current & New Market

Business owners will explore the different layers of potential customers which are not targeted by the current industry players . By understanding the three layers, you will learn how to identify real opportunities and unlock new demand by identifying who ,the market size and strategies to win them over . Identifying the commonalities within and across all layers enable business owners to rectify how big the market size could be.

Targeted strategies to discover from this framework: 15

Discover 6 Winning Strategies

Business owners will learn how to apply 6 powerful tools that any business can apply to redesign the game plan of the industry and re-examine the industry from a new perspective. You will discover how to create blue oceans by applying the frameworks. Case studies from successful businesses will be showcased to get you inspired.

Targeted strategies to discover from these frameworks: 30

Eliminate, Reduce , Raise & Create

With the 60-100 strategies derived from the previous framework, this tool helps business owners to priorities the strategies , simultaneously create a leap in value for customers while keeping costs low in building a blue ocean move.

Reinforcing New Market Strategy

Business owners will gain insights towards successful strategy formulation and execution, and learn how to set a strategic price for the new product or service to secure profitable margins. You will learn how to effectively communicate and secure group buy-in during strategy formulation and execution.

Here are a few of our clients and their stories of what they’ve been able to accomplish with the help of The New Market Leader Strategy:


New Market Leader Strategy

Discover a new way of thinking that allows you to pursue a low cost, differentiation while opening up new market opportunities and creating new demand.


Emily Lai is the founder of Edu Talent and Teens Campus, a well known education centre located at Setia Alam, established for 12 years. She is a certified Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner and the success of her education centre is based on a well crafted Blue Ocean Strategy. Emily also holds a Master of Business Administration in Blue Ocean Strategy from UCSI University.

Emily Lai

Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner
Trainer of Owners Circle