We created Owners Circle as a community for the Chief Everything Officers (CEOs)… The MDs, the bosses… Whatever you call it.

Typically the ones who hold the most glamorous title in the organization but ends up doing everything by themselves…

No matter what you call yourself, one thing unites us all – the shared experience of entrepreneurship.

Ever tried talking to your spouse, peers or family about business and end up getting less than desirable answers?
“Go back to employment.”
“Why suffer all this nonsense?”

If you know what we’re talking about… Good, you and I are on the same page

The cold, hard truth? Entrepreneurship is not as rosy as it seems to be. Beneath your strong front, nobody knows the hardship you have to go through every day just to make your business work..

Nobody… Except perhaps entrepreneurs who are on the exact same journey as you. Who have shared the same pain and burden of running a business, the livelihoods of their families and employees resting on their shoulders.

This is why the Owners Circle community is your family of like-minded entrepreneurs. United by the same desire of growing their business so that they have more time and freedom with their loved ones.

This is a place where you feel like you belong.

A place where it is enshrined as part of our company promise, to never, ever let entrepreneurs walk alone.

Unbreakable bond between business owners

Our community is made up of over 500 business owners who’ve built unbreakable bonds and lasting friendships that transcend beyond our training academy. This is how business rapport should be – deep, meaningful relationships that will mutually help each other grow in the long run.

Over500Business Owners

Our Coaching

Peer-Driven Accountability
Groups & Learning Events

Private Coaching & Advisory Board of Entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever felt alone in the journey of entrepreneurship, your life as a business owner is about to change with OCX. This is an exclusive membership featuring high growth entrepreneurs who believe the key to making progress is through group accountability and lifelong learning.

When a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs learn and grow together, they build a trusted and safe environment to help and transact with each other.

Let that circle be OCX.

Private Coaching &
Advisory Board of Entrepreneurs

Growth Mastermind is a Business Coaching platform to help business owners take charge of their business growth through an accountability-driven and action-oriented framework. This platform features top entrepreneurs as your dedicated business coach

Group 43062

Private 1-To-1 Consulting

Your business coach will spend one full dedicated hour every month with you to talk things out on business gains, address any challenges and solve roadblocks.

Path 1124

Your Private Advisory Board

Connect with a tribe of entrepreneurs and thought leaders who support and motivate each other and hold every member accountable for the goals they set.

Group 43061

Bi-Monthly Learning Events

Tap into the knowledge, wisdom and advice of top entrepreneurs so that you can shortcut the learning curve by leveraging on their experiences for success in your industry.

Group 43057

Habit Tracking

Your daily vituals determine your results. You’ll be mentored and monitored with habits that will make you a better leader. And these are habits that you can instil in your business to create high-performance teams.