The Making of REMEMBER the Villa

REMEMBER is the prodigy of Owners Circle and an extraordinary entrepreneur who dares to dream.

When we first conceived this project and started to build our very first business owners community, we were literally creating something out of nothing.

As the villa progresses day by day, I am proud to see the fruits of our labour come to life.

I hope you enjoy The Making of REMEMBER as much as we enjoyed this wonderful journey of building a private retreat villa – owned by the people, for the people.

Mentorship with Su Cheng

Su Cheng and Jonathan in MIYE 2016

It all began with a mentorship program. Su Cheng is my mentor under the Entrepreneur’s Organisation (EO) mentorship program. He is widely recognised as the Founder and Managing Partner of PDI Design, Malaysia’s award-winning top interior design firm. With over 76 awards under his belt, Su Cheng is also the brains behind the critically acclaimed Mindvalley office, winner of Inc Magazine’s Top 10 Coolest Offices in the World. The proud owner of not one, but several Ferraris, Su Cheng served as the President of the Ferrari Owners Club Malaysia; founder of Powerwoosh Asia, the appointed partner of Blair Singer’s Sales Partners. I could go on all day, but it is not his accomplishments that deserve merits. It is his vision and discipline to execute his dreams that inspire me. He is quite possibly the most disciplined man I have ever known.

dato tan su cheng

Su Cheng addressing a 2,000 pax audience in MEC 2017

One of the most remarkable insights from Su Cheng was how he marries Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and his experience in training and interior design to bring out the very best in others in both his businesses.

Su Cheng’s innovation and sharp business acumen stood out clearly throughout the mentorship. As a mentor, he pushes my boundaries, asks me tough questions to help me lead to my own answers. He also taught me how to draw upon my own resources. Most of all, he helps me accelerate my personal, physical, emotional and mental growth. I finally understood what it means to live a holistic life even as a business owner.

Meeting of the Minds

Over the months, we developed meaningful dialogues. We pitched ideas and debated them among ourselves. During one of these moments, I shared Candice’s experience of booking an unforgettable private villa in Bali through Airbnb. Su Cheng also revealed his experience of renting a private villa in Phuket through Airbnb.

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated at how Tony Robbins conducts his highest level training at his very own Namale Resort while Richard Branson conducts his inner circle meetings in his very own Necker Island.

I thought to myself, “What if we could own our very own private villa geared for training?”

Su Cheng and I got really excited at the prospects of our idea and commenced to map out our first business plan. To create a villa where we can conduct our very own training programs, bonding sessions and private retreats.

Bringing together the Luminaries

We called in Candice for a meeting. She got really excited at the prospects of owning her very own private villa because it has always been her dream to venture into the hospitality industry. We started a company called Luminari Property Berhad. Why Luminari? Because a luminary is a person who has attained eminence in his or her field, becoming an inspiration to others. With the opening of this company, we set on our journey of uncovering luminaries – influential figures, leaders, trainers and speakers. Luminaries who wanted to co-own a private villa they could call their own.

Execution is Key

We couldn’t bottle in our excitement and started to talk to all of our friends about our idea. Little did we realise that our enthusiasm was infectious – people around us were getting excited as well! Our friends who were business leaders themselves also entertained the possibilities of becoming a co-owner of a private villa for their team retreats.

When Su Cheng unveiled his first design, one of our event planner friend got really excited and started to talk to her friends in the event management business about co-owning the villa together.

Words started to spread like wildfire. Soon, we even got wedding planners who came knocking on our doors. They loved the entire concept and Su Cheng’s design. We were quite surprised to find out that for the same number of hours, a wedding planner is willing to pay 50% more than corporate trainers. Based on this information, we expanded our search for more wedding planners to join our business owners community. While Su Cheng and his team were busy building the business and design concept of the villa, my team and I were in charge of building the business owners community.

The Birth of Remember Villa

During Chinese New Year 2017, we gathered the co-owners of Luminari Property Berhad and gave them a surprise they will never forget. We unveiled the private villa’s final name, REMEMBER, to the proud 100 or so luminaries who believed and trusted in our vision. REMEMBER is a place Where Everyone Comes Together, a tagline conceived by our brand consultant, to symbolise the villa as a place where a lifetime of memories worth cherishing will be created.

remember villa

Owners Circle at the REMEMBER co-owner gathering

Indeed we are blessed to have created a community of co-owners who live and breathe the same vision. I believe the secret to massively accelerate this business is to continue to bring together like-minded luminaries who are passionate about learning, bonding and growth under REMEMBER’s roof.

remember gathering

Luminaries united by their love for creating memories worth cherishing

REMEMBER villa was brought to life through the concept of Owners Circle. By building a business owners community for REMEMBER, we are effectively creating brand evangelists who will spread the word about the villa organically to their networks. Influential leaders of their respective industries with large groups of audience and customer base will help make REMEMBER villa stand out from the crowded, traditional advertising space and bring massive value to the business.

The Progress of REMEMBER

Fast forward a year later, as I am writing this post right now, I am excited that an idea conceived in Su Cheng’s office is fast becoming a reality. REMEMBER villa is materialising into life as we speak. Located at one of the prime lots in the beautiful greenery of Janda Baik, Pahang, the private villa will be an icon that is in a league of its own.

As of now, we are putting the final touches and the villa is anticipated to be ready by end of July.

The Launch of REMEMBER Villa

As we approach July, our team is incredibly excited for the launch of REMEMBER villa. We have also received an unbelievable amount of partnership requests for the villa to launch events together. We are exploring partnerships with like-minded brands, existing co-owners and friends who would like to be a part of REMEMBER.

With the growth of the tourism industry in the region, we are now on the lookout for the next REMEMBER – to launch our second, third, fourth and beyond projects – a number that is expected to continue to rise!

I’m really excited to be a part of this growth. Regardless of whether you are a property owner or aspiring co-owner of future REMEMBER villas, please join our free workshop to see how you can start your journey as an entrepreneur.

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Yahui is the Communications Strategist of Owners. She is currently the co-owner of Imaginarium and REMEMBER. One day, she hopes to own her very own backpacker's inn and travel the world.

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