Top Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Start Meditating Right Now

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1. Meditation reduces stress levels and helps you to relax

All it takes is 8 weeks of mindful meditation to positively change your brain. According to a Harvard study, the grey matter, a substance in the brain responsible for your learning and memory, self-awareness, compassion and introspection – grows with meditation practice. Conversely, meditation reduces grey matter in areas of the brain which is linked to anxiety and stress.

2. Meditation helps maintain physical and mental health

Meditation requires you to focus on the breath and maintain a disciplined posture, which helps to bring wandering minds back to the present. It also gives us a greater sense of awareness on how we carry our body. Our breathing can turn shallow as we go about our busy lives – we are effectively starving our body of oxygen! It is no wonder that modern dwellers deal with fatigue and a variety of health problems. Deep breathing practices solve this problem by replenishing our bloodstream with much-needed oxygen.

3. Greater productivity

When your mind is free of clutter, you can go further. Sometimes, unwanted thoughts can appear in your mind and slow down your productivity. When you have clarity, you free yourself from the clutter in your head and have a clearer sense of what you aim to accomplish – and you will set your mind to do it.

4. Helps you to stay present

If you find yourself losing focus in the middle of an important boardroom meeting, that is because your mind is falling into default network mode (also commonly known as daydreaming). This prevents you from achieving your fullest potential. Meditation helps to rectify that by helping you to stay present.

5. Emotional stability and wellness

Entrepreneurs need to make tough decisions every day. When faced with crossroads, having emotional stability is key to making the right decisions. Meditation brings you to your best emotional state and affords you the calmness required to make tough choices.

6. Relieves pain

Our breath is regenerative and restorative. It rids our body and mind of toxins that has accumulated as a result of stress and tension. If you have a stiff neck or a dull headache from too much computer use, meditative breathing helps. Meditation also brings your posture into a disciplined state, helping you realign your muscles so that you feel more balanced, effectively freeing you from pain.

7. Calms you down and make better decisions

Our breathing is influenced by our thoughts, and our thoughts and physiology can be influenced by our breath. Case in point: we breathe heavily in moments of great distress. Do you think you’d make better decisions when you are calm, or when you are frazzled? Our judgement can be severely impaired and reactive when we are not in the right state of mind. Meditation calms you down so that you can respond with better judgement.

The Owners Circle x Kechara Experience

The team at Owners Circle emerged from the retreat relaxed and rejuvenated – a stark contrast to how we felt on the first day. Prior to the retreat, our team was pretty frazzled with tight deadlines and a new product in the making. On the first day, our brows were furrowed as we struggled to stay present and not let our minds wander back to Klang Valley. As we progressed to Day 3, our brows softened and we found and a renewed sense of determination to take on the world!

About the Inner Peace Retreat

A special shout out to our dear friend, Phng Li Kheng for hosting us throughout the 3-day Inner Peace Retreat, a guided meditation program to rejuvenate your mind amidst the beautiful forests of Kechara Forest Retreat, located in Bentong, Pahang. Li Kheng is on a mission to make meditation mainstream among Malaysians and bring a greater sense of wellbeing to everyone.

Regardless of whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, we welcome you to start meditating and find inner peace and happiness within.

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