OC360 Crowdonomics

What Is It?

OC360 Crowdonomics is the first dedicated equity crowdfunding advisory team in Southeast Asia.

Having founded and worked with several entrepreneurial ventures ourselves, we understand it can be pretty hard to raise money to grow your business.

Through OC360 Crowdonomics, our team of experts in crowdfunding, campaign management, marketing and design is ready to help entrepreneurs not only to raise funds but also create a crowd-based economy by transforming consumers into co-owners through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.


What We Do?

At Owners Circle, through OC360 Crowdonomics, we combine business plans, campaign management, communications strategy, marketing, branding, investor engagement and events into a proven approach.


Full Stack Crowdfunding Campaign Support:



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The Perfect Partnership

Through our extensive work on crowdfunding campaigns, we aspire to build the best crowdfunding ecosystem by connecting smart capital with the right entrepreneurs.