What is Business Fastrack Program

Achieve 10X Growth For Your Business!

Founded by accomplished entrepreneurs Jonathan Quek and Raymond Chou, the Business Fastrack Program is a full-year program designed for business owners who are ready to Fastrack their business growth to the next level.

The program begins with a 3-Day Business Fastrack Masterclass, where you will learn the 10X Business Fastrack System and acquire our Million Dollar Investment Pitch Templates. Your learning doesn’t end after the 3 days – we want you to take action. Our Council Inner Circle Membership is your accountability and peer group founded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are also on their journey towards 10X Growth for their business. This will make sure that everyone receives the support they need to achieve their goals.


Who Is This For?

  • F&B Business​
  • Manufacturing & Distribution​
  • Coaching/Consulting​
  • E-Commerce​
  • Network Marketing​
  • Agencies​
  • Information Products​
  • Local Small Business​
  • Family Businesses​
  • Lifestyle​
  • B2B Businesses​
  • Startups of 2 Years or More​

What Other Entrepreneurs Are Saying

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Program Modules

10X Business Fastrack System . Million Dollar Investment Pitch Templates . Mentoring by Alumni . Council Inner Circle Membership . Connection to Crowdfunding Platform


The Super Core

Space Finder

Competition Buster

Strategy Wheel

Lifecycle Decoder


Connection Creator

Blue Ocean Secrets

People Hack Techniques

Ultimate Goals

Value and Perception Secrets


Investor Attraction Techniques

Effective Storytelling

Proven Pitches

Pitch It and Win It

The Program At A Glance

Begin Your Fastrack Journey After 3 Days

The Program At A Glance

Begin Your Fastrack Journey After 3 Days

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