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Business Transformation Specialists On A Mission To Empower Purpose-Driven Businesses

Meet Owners Circle

Owners Circle is a business transformation specialist empowering entrepreneurs to fast-track their business for maximum growth and potential. We help established entrepreneurs break through boundaries and ready them for trajectory growth.

Our Fast Track Pillars


Why must you exist? What purpose do you serve? 

This is the one thing that 99% entrepreneurs fail to answer. But those who do, are well on their way to fast track their way to business success. Owners Circle is here for you on the journey of discovering your purpose.


Are you passionate about your business?


Would your business make a difference in people's lives?


What is your financial roadmap? Is your business in for the long run?


Do you have the right systems in place to level up?

Ever since we launched our entrepreneur education series in August 2017, we have educated 58 entrepreneurs across five countries and exposed over 1,000 people to the Owners Circle business system. We have also uncovered a high potential business for incubation from our first alumni batch.

Through the application of our system to build their pitch and structure their model, the business has now received RM1.8 million in funding and commands a valuation of RM5 million - a true success story.

At Owners Circle, our impact goes well beyond the training hall. The lessons learnt and the relationships built are yours to keep for a lifetime. High potential businesses will be given access to our network of private investors and also go through our consultation or venture building platforms to grow to the next level.

Our Success Stories

“ I’ve always been a very technical entrepreneur and struggled to tell my story. After joining the program, I managed to raise RM1.8 million in funding from an investor by telling the story in an effective manner. ”

Danic Pheh, Founder of HomeHero

Our Businesses

Since our inception in 2016, we have incubated and founded 3 businesses from the F&B, hospitality and investment sector together with over 300 co-founders in our community, totalling up to RM28 million business valuation achieved in less than 2 years. We look out for businesses that are purposeful that are driven by passionate entrepreneurs.

Businesses Founded

Take a look at some of our projects in real estate, F&B and hospitality:


Artisan Eco Hotel, Bandar Sunway


The Barn, 3 Outlets Across Malaysia

Babylon Real Estate Development, Cambodia

Upcoming Events

Do you find it easy to start your business but realise it's hard to take it to the next level? Do you find yourself stuck in the same position and lack the confidence to make the next move to grow your business?

In The 3 Secrets To Massive Business Growth, Raymond Chou, award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Owners Circle, will be sharing with you:

✅ Identify where you are in business and *how to apply the right strategies to expand, grow or scale your business to the next level*
✅ Innovative strategies to *fast track your business to profitability and funding*
✅ How to *become an industry leader* and outrun your competition
✅ How to *strengthen your business fundamentals and avoid pitfalls* before they happen
✅ How to *create a company that is Built To Last* without being tied down to your business 24/7
✅ How to *validate your business model* and confidently drive your business to the next level
✅ How to *attract investor funding* and also build a strong marketing force for your business at the same time
✅ Learn how to *make investors say yes to funding your business* and not your competition

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