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  • The Secret Recipe To Managing An International Online Business.

    YL Chua, Founder of An International Online Education Business

    I run an online education business and all my team members work remotely all over the world. We were not growing, and I was extremely tired trying to patch everything up by myself. I worked myself to exhaustion and was worn out completely.

    During the training, I learnt the importance of having a solid and high growth performance team who is committed to going the extra miles with me. Seeing is believing – I saw this awesome team Raymond is having, so I set out to build the same for my business.

    Almost 6 months later, I have implemented the frameworks taught by Raymond, rebuilt my team from the ground up… And all I can say now is, I have an amazing team who is aligned and pushing for growth.

    Most importantly, I am more efficient with my time and I am happier as a person.

  • When Entrepreneurship Was Never My First Choice…

    Tommy Wong, Founder of IT Company

    I was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. Entrepreneurship was not really my first choice. But I couldn’t get a job, that’s how I ended up doing freelance IT jobs to pay off my debt and eventually it became an IT company.

    I used to call myself Cover Everything Officer (CEO) because I ended up doing all the work by myself. Even though I had a team of employees, I still felt lonely because they weren’t as committed as I am.

    Raymond’s teachings reminded me of why I started the business in the first place and gave me frameworks that I could immediately apply on a week-to-week basis to improve my operations. Just mere weeks into the training, and I’ve seen tremendous results already.

    And being part of the Owners Circle community is one of the best things that has happened to me this year.

  • From “Just Another Agency” To “Award-Winning Agency” Who 3X Their Business


    We’re in the business of creating websites. For many years we’ve been doing okay and wondered what the missing element was necessary to take our business to the next level.

    Before Owners Circle, it was tough to get the clients that we wanted. Those who won’t shy away from the price point that we commanded. After attending the course, we chose to level up our branding and worked on internal processes to make our workflow more efficient.

    As a result, we managed to attract a better calibre of clients and reduced our operational problems.

    Today, we’re the proud winners of numerous international accolades and recognized by the industry for the landscape-changing work that we do. We’ve also doubled the number of enquiries and closing as a result of the positive changes we’ve made.

    Joining Owners Circle has been a really rewarding journey. Thanks for showing us the pathway to business growth!